Glutathione: Defense Against Aging & Diseases

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Jessica See

Jessica See is one the founders of Image Health Coach International. She is a Certified Professional Trainer (IPMA UK), Certified Professional Coach (IPMA UK), Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming practitioner (NFNLP USA), Certified Neuro-Semantics practitioner (ISNS), Clinical Nutritionist, Stonebridge UK.

A writer and editor by profession, she spearheaded the launch of a business magazine for working women called Woman At Work in 1989. As Editor for nine years, she has impacted women executives of all levels with her monthly column and articles.

​She has been invited as keynote speaker at many international business conventions in Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand. Today she is in high demand for corporate workshops in the areas of Persuasive Communication, Stress Management, Work Life Balance, 100% Health, as well as one-to-one Health and Weight Loss Coaching.

​Her passion is to help people to Be More, Do More and Have More in their lives, simply by enhancing their current assets and abilities, and living to the best of their potential. She believes everyone can be healthy for life, if they choose to be.

​​​“Total Health to me means my Mind is clear, I’m motivated and passionate about what each new day holds for me, my Body is free of disease and discomfort, and I have great energy for my daily tasks, my Spirit is at peace, and one with my Creator.” – Jessica See


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